No Fmt Year  Artist/Title
1.cd1996101 Strings: Astro Sounds from Beyond The Year 2000
2.cd199310cc: Food For Thought
3.cd1988The 2 Live Crew: As Nasty As They Wanna Be
4.cd519922 Unlimited: No Limit
5.cd519932 Unlimited: Tribal Dance
6.cd19942 Unlimited: Real Things
7.7"198849ers: Die Walkure
8.cd1996Aaliyah: One In A Million
9.cd51998Aaliyah: Are You That Somebody?
10.cd52000Aaliyah: Try Again
11.cd2001Aaliyah: Aaliyah
12.cd1994Abba: Thank You For The Music, disc 1
13.cd1994Abba: Thank You For The Music, disc 2
14.cd1994Abba: Thank You For The Music, disc 3
15.cd1994Abba: Thank You For The Music, disc 4
16.lp1988Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl
17.cd1990Paula Abdul: Shut Up And Dance (The Dance Mixes)
18.cd1991Paula Abdul: Spellbound
19.cd1977AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
20.cd1979AC/DC: Highway To Hell
21.cd1980AC/DC: Back In Black
22.cd1990AC/DC: The Razors Edge
23.cd1992AC/DC: Live
24.cd1993Ace Of Base: Happy Nation - U.S. Version
25.cd2004ada: blondie
26.7"1990Adamski: Killer
27.cd51995Addis Black Widow: Innocent
28.cd52000Addis Black Widow: Goes Around Comes Around
29.cd2001Addis Black Widow: Addis Black Widow
30.7"1989Aerosmith: Janie's Got a Gun
31.cd1997Afro-Cuban All Stars: A Toda Cuba le Gusta
32.cd1999Afro-Cuban All Stars: Distinto, diferente
33.cd1999Afterlife: Simplicity
34.2cd2000Afterlife: Simplicity Two Thousand
35.cd51999Christina Aguilera: Genie In A Bottle
36.cd1997Air: Premiers Symptomes
37.cd1998Air: Moon Safari
38.cd2000Air: The Virgin Suicides
39.7"1989Akasa: One Night In My Life
40.cd1996Jesús Alemañy: Cubanismo!
41.cd1997Jesús Alemañy: Cubanismo! Malembe
42.cd1996Alisha's Attic: Alisha Rules The World
43.cd51997All Saints: I Know Where It's At
44.cd1998All Saints: All Saints
45.cd52000All Saints: All Hooked Up (Promo)
46.cd52000All Saints: Black Coffee (CD1)
47.cd52000All Saints: Black Coffee (CD2)
48.cd52000All Saints: Black Coffee (Promo)
49.cd51998All Seeing I: Beat Goes On
50.cd1999Dot Allison: Afterglow
51.cd51999Dot Allison: Close Your Eyes
52.cd51999Dot Allison: Close Your Eyes (Promo)
53.cd51999Dot Allison: Mo' Pop
54.cd2002Dot Allison: We Are Science
55.cd52002Dot Allison: Substance
56.cd1997Mose Allison: No. 009 Jazz Profile
57.7"1989Marc Almond: Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Featuring Special Guest Star Gene Pitney)
58.cd1991Herb Alpert: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
59.cd1991Herb Alpert: The Very Best of Herb Alpert
60.cd1997Herb Alpert: Passion Dance
61.cd1989Alpha Blondy: The Prophets
62.cd51989Amina: Belly Dance
63.cd51999Anastacia: I'm Outta Love
64.7"1990And Why Not?: The Face
65.7"1987Angry Anderson: Suddenly
66.cd1994Carleen Anderson: True Spirit
67.cd1996Angel Corpus Christi: White Courtesy Phone
68.cd1999Anthea: Words & Beats
69.cd1997Antiloop: Antiloop
70.2cd1994Aphex Twins: Selected Ambient Works Volume II
71.cd51995Aphex Twins: One, Two, Three*, Four
72.cd1990ApolloFourFourty: Getting' High On Your Own Supply
73.cd1997ApolloFourFourty: Electro Glide In Blue
74.cd51998Arab Strap: (Afternoon) Soaps
75.cd2001Arab Strap: The Red Thread
76.cd52001Arab Strap: Love Detective
77.cd1988Louis Armstrong: Satchmo - What A Wonderful World
78.7"1990Army Of Lovers: Ride The Bullet
79.cd1990Army Of Lovers: Disco Extravaganza
80.cd1997David Arnold: Shaken and Stirred
81.cd1992Arrested Development: 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days In The Life of…
82.7"1988Arrow: Groovemaster
83.cd1988Arrow: Knock Dem Dead
84.cd1989Arrow: O'la Soca
85.cd1990Arrow: Soca Dance Party
86.7"1984The Art Of Noise: Close (To The Edit)
87.cd1984The Art Of Noise: Daft
88.lp1984The Art Of Noise: Who's Afraid of The Art Of Noise
89.7"1986The Art Of Noise: Legacy
90.lp1986The Art Of Noise: In Visible Silence
91.lp1987The Art Of Noise: In No Sense? Nonsense!
92.7"1988The Art Of Noise: Kiss (Featuring Tom Jones)
93.cd1995Asian Dub Foundation: Facts And Fictions
94.7"1988The Associates: Heart Of Glass
95.7"1987Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up
96.7"1989Aswad: Beauty's Only Skin Deep
97.7"1989Aswad: On & On
98.cd1990Aswad: Too Wicked
99.cd2002Audioslave: Audioslave
100.cd52001The Avalanches: Since I Left You
101.lp1987Aztec Camera: Love
102.7"1988Azucar Moreno: Debajo Del Olivo
103.cd1991Azucar Moreno: Mambo
104.cd1992Azucar Moreno: Ojos Negros
105.cd1992The B-52's: Good Stuff
106.cd51996B.B.E.: Seven Days and One Week
107.12"1990New Baccara: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
108.cd1967Burt Bacharach: Reach Out
109.cd1997Erykah Badu: Baduizm
110.7"1989Ankie Bagger: I Was Made For Loving You
111.cd1993Baka Beyond: Spirit of the Forest
112.cd1989Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples: Merge
113.lp1988Bananarama: The Greatest Hits Collection
114.cd51989Bananarama Lananeeneenoonoo: Help
115.lp1989Bandera: Bandera
116.lp1988The Bangles: Everything
117.cd1996Brigitte Bardot: Best of BB
118.cd1997Andrew Barnabas: Shades
119.7"1987Jimmy Barnes: Too Much Ain't Enough Love
120.cd1999Basement Jaxx: Remedy
121.cd2001Basement Jaxx: Rooty
122.lp1990Bassomatic: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass
123.cd1991Bassomatic: Science and Melody
124.cd1997The Bathers: Kelvingrove Baby
125.2lp1986The Beach Boys: The Very Best of The Beach Boys
126.cd1987The Beach Boys: Still Cruisin'
127.lp1989Beach Boys and Jan & Dean: Greatest Hits
128.7"1987Beastie Boys: No Sleep Till Brooklyn
129.7"1989Beastie Boys: Hey Ladies
130.cd1998Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty
131.cd1989The Beatmasters: Anywayawanna
132.cd1996Beck: Odelay
133.cd1999Beck: Midnite Vultures
134.7"1988Robin Beck: First Time
135.cd51997Bellini: Samba De Janeiro
136.cd51992The Beloved: Sweet Harmony
137.cd1967Jorge Ben: O Bidu
138.cd1997Bentley Rhythm Ace: Bentley Rhytm Ace
139.cd52000Bentley Rhythm Ace: Theme From 'Gutbuster'
140.7"1975Lasse Berghagen: Rutan, Prickan, Randan och Vita Bergens Polis
141.cd1992Betty Boo: Grrr! It's Betty Boo
142.cd51992Betty Boo: Let Me Take You There
143.cd2000Asha Bhonsle: Songs of my Soul (rare & classic) Vol -1
144.cd2000Asha Bhonsle: The Best of Asha Bhosle. The Golden Voice of Bollywood
145.cd2001Asha Bhonsle: Songs of my Soul (rare & classic) Vol -2
146.lp1987Bhundu Boys: True Jit
147.12"1988Matt Bianco: Don't Blame It On That Girl
148.cd1990Matt Bianco: The Best of Matt Bianco
149.cd1991Matt Bianco: Samba in your Casa
150.cd1998Billie: Honey to the B
151.cd1992Bizarre Inc: Energique
152.cd1993Björk: Debut
153.cd51993Björk: Play Dead
154.cd51994Björk: The Best Mixes from the album Debut
155.cd51991Black Box: Open You Eyes
156.cd2000Blacknuss: 3
157.cd1994Mary J. Blidge: My Life
158.cd1997Mary J. Blidge: Share My World
159.cd1999Mary J. Blidge: Mary
160.7"1987The Blow Monkeys: It Doesn't Have to be This Way
161.cd1989The Blow Monkeys: Choices
162.cd1990The Blow Monkeys: Springtime For The World
163.7"1990Blue Pearl: Naked in the Rain
164.7"1988Blue Zöne: Jackie
165.cd51997The Blueboy: Remember Me
166.2cd1999Blümchen: Blümchen
167.cd1996Bob Hund: Martin Kann
168.cd1998Bob Hund: Jag Rear Ut Min Själ! Allt Ska Bort!
169.7"1990Bombalurina: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
170.cd1996Tracy Bonham: The Burdens of Being Upright
171.cd51989Boogie Down Productions: Bo! Bo! Bo!
172.cd1990Bootsy's Rubber Band: Jungle Bass
173.2lp1990David Bowie: ChangesBowie
174.7"1985Boys Don't Cry: I Wanna Be A Cowboy
175.cd51996The Braids: Bohemian Rhapsody
176.7"1989Daryl Braithwaite: One Summer
177.cd2001Bran Van 3000: Discosis
178.cd1992The Brand New Heavies: The Brand New Heavies
179.cd1994The Brand New Heavies: Brother Sister
180.cd1993Toni Braxton: Toni Braxton
181.cd2000Toni Braxton: The Heat
182.cd52000Toni Braxton: He Wasn't Man Enough
183.cd1985Bronski Beat: Hundreds & Thousands
184.cd51992Bobby Brown: Humpin' Around
185.cd1990Dennis Brown: Unchallenged
186.7"1987Errol Brown: Personal Touch
187.7"1988Errol Brown: maya
188.cd31988Errol Brown: Maya
189.7"1989Errol Brown: Love Goes Up And Down
190.cd1982James Brown: Live Volume 1
191.cd1982James Brown: Live Volume 2
192.lp1989James Brown: Sex Machine
193.7"1988Sam Brown: Stop!
194.cd1991Bröderna Lagerståhl: Bröderna Lagerståhls Första CD
195.cd1997Buena Vista Social Club: Buena Vista Social Club
196.cd1990Burning Spear: Mek We Dweet
197.7"1990C&C Music Factory: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now ) (Featuring Freedom Williams )
198.cd51991C&C Music Factory: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…
199.cd1994C&C Music Factory: Anything Goes
200.cd1999Cajsa Lisa: Vad Jag Vill och Lite Till
201.cd1994Cappella: U Got 2 Know
202.cd1996The Cardigans: First Band on the Moon
203.cd1998The Cardigans: Gran Turismo
204.cd1990Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey
205.cd1993Mariah Carey: Music Box
206.cd51995Mariah Carey: Fantasy
207.cd51997Mariah Carey: Honey
208.lp1986Belinda Carlisle: Belinda
209.lp1987Belinda Carlisle: Heaven on Earth
210.7"1989Belinda Carlisle: Leave A Light On (Limited Edition Poster Pack)
211.7"1989Belinda Carlisle: Runaway Horses
212.cd1988Eric Carmen: The Best of Eric Carmen
213.cd1993Dina Carroll: So Close
214.cd1999Cassius: 1999
215.cd51998Catatonia: Mulder and Scully
216.cd1996Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads
217.cd51993Chaka Demus & Pliers: Tease Me
218.cd1990Sheila Chandra: Silk 1983-1990
219.cd1997The Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole
220.cd51998Cher: Believe
221.cd31988Neneh Cherry: Buffalo Stance
222.cd1989Neneh Cherry: Raw Like Sushi
223.cd31989Neneh Cherry: Kisses on the Wind
224.cd31989Neneh Cherry: Manchild
225.7"1990Neneh Cherry: I've Got You Under My Skin
226.cd1992Neneh Cherry: Homebrew
227.7"1989Jane Child: Don't Wanna Fall In Love
228.cd1990The Chimes: The Chimes
229.7"1990Chocolate: Ritmo De La Noche
230.7"1987Choirboys: Run To Paradise
231.cd1996Cibo Matto: Viva! La Woman
232.cd1999Cibo Matto: Stereo Type A
233.7"1988Petula Clark: Downtown '88
234.cd51982The Clash: Rock The Casbah
235.cd51991The Clash: Bad II
236.cd1993Clawfinger: Deaf Dumb Blind
237.lp1989Johnny Clegg Savuka: Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World
238.cd1985Jimmy Cliff: Reggae Greats
239.lp1988Jimmy Cliff: Hanging Fire
240.7"1991Clivillés & Cole: Pride (In The Name Of Love)
241.cd1992Clubland: Adventures Beyond Clubland
242.lp1987The Cockroaches: The Cockroaches
243.cd1993Alma Cogan: Alma Cogan
244.7"1990Coldcut: Find A Way (featuring Queen Latifah)
245.7"1990Natalie Cole: Wild Women Do
246.cd1991Natalie Cole: Everlasting
247.cd1991Natalie Cole: Good To Be Back
248.cd1991Natalie Cole: Unforgettable With Love
249.7"1989Colours: I Wanna Make Love
250.cd51990Colours: I Wanna Make Love
251.cd1994Combustible Edison: I, Swinger
252.cd51994Combustible Edison: Christmastime Is Here
253.cd1996Combustible Edison: The Progressive Sounds Of Combustible Edison
254.cd51996Combustible Edison: Bluebird
255.cd51996Combustible Edison: Short Double Latte
256.cd1998Combustible Edison: The Impossible World
257.cd1983Compilation: Pan is Beautiful, Live Vol. 1
258.cd1987Compilation: Heartbeat Soukous
259.cd1987Compilation: Hurricane Zouk
260.2cd1988Compilation: More Reggae Music
261.cd1988Compilation: 20 Reggae Classics Voume 3
262.cd1988Compilation: 25 Super Oldies, Vol. 1, Too Good To Be Forgotten
263.cd1988Compilation: 25 Super Oldies, Vol. 2, Too Good To Be Forgotten
264.cd1988Compilation: 25 Super Oldies, Vol. 3, Too Good To Be Forgotten
265.cd1988Compilation: 25 Super Oldies, Vol. 4, Too Good To Be Forgotten
266.2cd1989Compilation: More Reggae Music Vol. 2
267.cd1989Compilation: Massive 3 - A Collection of British Reggae Hits
268.cd1989Compilation: The African Typic Collection
269.cd1989Compilation: The Songs of India
270.2cd1990Compilation: Massive 4 - 2 CD Set of Reggae Hits
271.cd1990Compilation: 20 Reggae Classics Volume 4
272.cd1990Compilation: Golden Voices from the Silver Screen, Volume 1
273.cd1990Compilation: Golden Voices from the Silver Screen, Volume 2
274.cd1990Compilation: Golden Voices from the Silver Screen, Volume 3
275.cd1990Compilation: The Sound of Summer, Vol. 1
276.cd1990Compilation: The Sound of Summer, Vol. 2
277.2cd1991Compilation: Absolute Opera
278.3cd1991Compilation: Dance Explosion
279.cd1991Compilation: Bossa Nova Cores do Brazil 0.03
280.cd1991Compilation: Danca Cores do Brazil 0.06
281.cd1991Compilation: Greensleeves Sampler 5
282.cd1991Compilation: Samba Cores do Brazil 0.02
283.cd1991Compilation: Saudade Cores do Brazil 0.05
284.cd1991Compilation: Wind Your Waist
285.cd1992Compilation: CompilAsian #2
286.cd1992Compilation: Hitsville U.S.A. (Disc Four)
287.cd1992Compilation: Hitsville U.S.A. (Disc One)
288.cd1992Compilation: Hitsville U.S.A. (Disc Three)
289.cd1992Compilation: Hitsville U.S.A. (Disc Two)
290.cd1992Compilation: Massive 5 - Twenty Reggae Hits
291.cd1992Compilation: Red Hot+Dance
292.cd1992Compilation: Tropicopop
293.cd51992Compilation: The Fred EP (Flowered Up, Saint Etienne, The Rockingbirds)
294.2cd1993Compilation: 35 Soulklassiker 1970-75
295.3cd1993Compilation: Dance Explosion 2
296.cd1993Compilation: Absolute Dance 2
297.cd1993Compilation: Absolute Dance 3
298.cd1993Compilation: Sommar Toppar
299.cd1993Compilation: Tropicopop A Gogo Volume 2
300.cd1994Compilation: A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield
301.cd1994Compilation: Absolute Dance 4
302.cd1994Compilation: Absolute Dance 5
303.cd1994Compilation: Absolute Dance 6
304.cd1994Compilation: Best of Jungle 1
305.cd1994Compilation: Rapso
306.cd1994Compilation: Sacred Spirit, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
307.2cd1995Compilation: Rave Anthems
308.2cd1995Compilation: SourceLab
309.cd1995Compilation: Absolute Dance 10
310.cd1995Compilation: Absolute Dance 7
311.cd1995Compilation: Absolute Dance 8
312.cd1995Compilation: Absolute Dance 9
313.cd1995Compilation: Atlantic 1st Quarter Sampler
314.cd1995Compilation: Jungle II Trance
315.cd1995Compilation: La Yellow 357
316.cd1995Compilation: Os Ipanemas
317.cd1995Compilation: The Sound Gallery
318.cd1995Compilation: The Sound Spektrum
319.cd1995Compilation: Tropicopop Sound System, Volym 3
320.2cd1996Compilation: 38 Soulklassiker 1960-69
321.2cd1996Compilation: Distance To Goa 3
322.cd1996Compilation: A Bachelor in Paris
323.cd1996Compilation: Absolute Dance 11
324.cd1996Compilation: Absolute Dance 12
325.cd1996Compilation: Absolute Dance 13
326.cd1996Compilation: Apertivo Una recopilación de canciones de Siesta
327.cd1996Compilation: Bachelor Pad Royale
328.cd1996Compilation: Beat at Cinecittà volume 1
329.cd1996Compilation: Cha-Cha de Amor
330.cd1996Compilation: Christmas Cocktails
331.cd1996Compilation: Clubtraxx
332.cd1996Compilation: Cocktail Capers
333.cd1996Compilation: Dig It! The Sound Of Phase 4 Stereo
334.cd1996Compilation: Espresso Espresso
335.cd1996Compilation: Inflight Entertainment
336.cd1996Compilation: Mambo Fever
337.cd1996Compilation: Mas' Hysteria
338.cd1996Compilation: Mondo Exotica
339.cd1996Compilation: Red Hot+Rio
340.cd1996Compilation: Rhapsodesia
341.cd1996Compilation: Shaken Not Stirred
342.cd1996Compilation: SourceLab 2
343.cd1996Compilation: Space Capades
344.cd1996Compilation: Sushi 3003, A Spectacular Collection Of Japanese Clubpop
345.cd1996Compilation: The Crime Scene
346.cd1996Compilation: The Sound Gallery, Volume Two, 27 Musical Masterpieces
347.cd1996Compilation: The Tarantino Connection
348.cd1996Compilation: Trance
349.cd1996Compilation: Trini Slam
350.cd1996Compilation: Wild and Swingin'
351.2cd1997Compilation: La Yellow Collections
352.2cd1997Compilation: SourceLab 3
353.2cd1997Compilation: Spaced Out
354.cd1997Compilation: Absolute Dance 14
355.cd1997Compilation: Absolute Dance 15
356.cd1997Compilation: Absolute Dance 16
357.cd1997Compilation: Ave Maria
358.cd1997Compilation: Brazilica Vol II
359.cd1997Compilation: Easy Tempo Vol. 3
360.cd1997Compilation: Further Inflight Entertainment
361.cd1997Compilation: Future Sounds of Paris, 2: The City Returns!
362.cd1997Compilation: Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk Volume 2
363.cd1997Compilation: Loose & Juicy
364.cd1997Compilation: Lounge-A-Palooza
365.cd1997Compilation: Mambo Mania!
366.cd1997Compilation: Mo'plen 3000 (Space killer tracks from the past... till the third millenium)
367.cd1997Compilation: Mosquito
368.cd1997Compilation: Nuyorican Soul
369.cd1997Compilation: Scoctopus
370.cd1997Compilation: Scoctopus
371.cd1997Compilation: Songs For The Jet Set
372.cd1997Compilation: Suono Libero, A trip through obscure 70's jazz funk tracks from Italian music library
373.cd1997Compilation: SuperVixens, The Mood Mosaic 5, A 70's Modal Collection
374.cd1997Compilation: The Mood Mosaic 4 "Les Yper Sound"
375.cd1997Compilation: The Music Merchant Story
376.cd1997Compilation: The Phapsody Overture
377.cd1997Compilation: The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos
378.2cd1998Compilation: Bibel No 1
379.2cd1998Compilation: The Classic Experience
380.2cd1998Compilation: Virtually Alternative (August 98)(Promo)
381.cd1998Compilation: Brazil Classics: Beleza Tropical 2
382.cd1998Compilation: Escalator Records New Two
383.cd1998Compilation: Expreso Otra recopilación de canciones de Siesta
384.cd1998Compilation: Mo'plen 1000 (Easy turbo sound in a trippy deluxe)
385.cd1998Compilation: Mo'plen 2000 (Acid hip tracks from Italian cocktails)
386.cd1998Compilation: Pop #7, Creation Vol 1
387.cd1998Compilation: Pop #9, Jazz Vol 4
388.cd1998Compilation: Sushi 4004, The Return Of Spectacular Japanese Clubpop
389.cd1998Compilation: The Mood Mosaic 6 (Jazz à go go)
390.cd1998Compilation: Tio i Topp, Volym 2, 1963-64
391.cd1998Compilation: Tropicopop
392.2cd1999Compilation: Spirit of India
393.cd1999Compilation: Songs For The Jet Set, Supreme Edition
394.cd1999Compilation: Songs For The Jet Set, Volume 2
395.cd2000Compilation: Club Tools Second Edition
396.cd2000Compilation: Destination Rio: Mixed by Can 7
397.cd2000Compilation: Om Lounge 3
398.2cd2001Compilation: Best of Bollywood
399.vcd2001Compilation: Hindi Hits Series-1: Star's Of Bollywood Vol: 1
400.cd2002Compilation: Bollywood Nights
401.cd2002Compilation: The Very Best of Bollywood Songs II
402.cd1989Compilation: Brazil Classics: Beleza Tropical 1
403.cd1996Compilation: Nova Bossa: Red Hot on Verve
404.cd1990Sam Cooke: 20 Greatest Hits
405.cd51994Cool James & Black Teacher: Dr Feelgood
406.cd52002The Coral: Dreaming of You
407.cd1998Cornelius: Fantasma
408.cd51998Cornelius: Chapter 8 - Seashore and Horizon
409.cd1999Cornelius: CM Cornelius reMixes
410.cd1999Cornelius: FM Fantasma reMixes
411.cd1999Cornelius: FM Fantasma reMixes
412.cd1997Cornershop: When I Was Born For The 7th Time
413.cd51998Cornershop: Brimful Of Asha
414.cd51998Cornershop: Sleep On The Left Side
415.2cd1982Coro de Monjes del Monasterio Benedictino de Santo Domingo de Silos: Canto Gregoriano
416.cd1995The Corrs: Forgiven, Not Forgotten
417.cd52001Nikka Costa: Lika A Feather
418.7"1989Elvis Costello: Veronica
419.cd1998Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach: Painted From Memory
420.cd51996Count Indigo: Her Other Man
421.cd51996Sarah Cracknell: Anymore (Japan)
422.cd51996Sarah Cracknell: Anymore CD part one
423.cd51996Sarah Cracknell: Anymore CD part one
424.cd51996Sarah Cracknell: Anymore CD part two
425.cd51996Sarah Cracknell: Anymore CD part two
426.cd1997Sarah Cracknell: Lipslide
427.cd1997Sarah Cracknell: Lipslide (Japan)
428.cd51997Sarah Cracknell: Anymore
429.cd51997Sarah Cracknell: Desert Baby
430.cd2000Sarah Cracknell: Kelly's Locker
431.cd1992The Cranberries: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
432.7"1989Creeps: Ooh I Like It!
433.cd1998Crippled Champions: The Crippled Bargain
434.cd1987Bing Crosby: White Christmas
435.cd1993Sheryl Crow: Tuesday Night Music Club
436.cd51993Sheryl Crow: All I Wanna Do
437.cd1998Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions
438.7"1991Julee Cruise: Rockin' Back Inside My Heart
439.7"1990The Cure: Close To Me, Remix
440.7"1981Curt Haagers: Fågelsången
441.cd51993Cut'n'Move: Give It Up
442.cd1998Czerkinsky: Czerkinsky
443.cd1989D Mob: A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That
444.7"1990Da Yeene: Big Bad World
445.cd1990Da Yeene: United Soul Power
446.cd1992Da Yeene: Primetime
447.cd51994Da Yeene: Is This Love?
448.cd1996Daft Punk: Homework
449.cd51997Daft Punk: Around The World
450.cd51997Daft Punk: Burnin (Edit) Promo
451.cd52000Daft Punk: One More Time (Promo)
452.cd2001Daft Punk: Discovery
453.7"1989Dag Vag: Du får aldrig nog
454.cd1988Etienne Daho: Pour Nos Vies Martiennes
455.cd1991Etienne Daho: Paris Ailleurs
456.cd51998Dana International: Diva
457.cd2001Danko Jones: I'm Alive and On Fire
458.cd2002Danko Jones: Born A Lion
459.cd1991Sammy Davis Jr.: Best of Sammy Davis Jr. and the Mike Curb Congregation
460.cd1993Doris Day: Love Me Or Leave Me
461.cd1994Doris Day: Show Time/Day In Hollywood
462.cd1995Doris Day: Latin For Lovers/Love Him
463.cd1987Morris Day: Daydreaming
464.7"1987Taylor Dayne: Tell It To My Heart
465.cd1995Taylor Dayne: Greatest Hits
466.cd1997Etienne De Crecy: Super Discount
467.cd2000Etienne De Crecy: Tempovision
468.cd1995De De: TBA (Totally Bombastic Anecdotes)
469.cd1989De La Soul: 3 Feet High And Rising
470.7"1985Dead Or Alive: In Too Deep
471.cd1990Deee-Lite: World Clique
472.cd1994Deee-Lite: Dewdrops in the Garden
473.cd1992Deep Forest: Deep Forest
474.cd51992Deep Forest: Sweet Lullaby
475.cd1992Desmond Dekker: Greatest Hits
476.7"1989The Delta Rhythm Boys: Dry Bones
477.cd1987Depeche Mode: Music for the Masses
478.2cd1989Depeche Mode: 101
479.7"1989Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
480.cd1990Depeche Mode: Violator
481.cd51992Depeche Mode: Everything Counts
482.cd1993Depeche Mode: Songs Of Faith and Devotion
483.2cd1998Depeche Mode: The Singles 86>99
484.7"1987Desireless: Voyage
485.cd1998The Detroit Cobras: Mink Rat or Rabbit
486.cd2001The Detroit Cobras: Life, Love and Leaving
487.cd2003The Detroit Cobras: Seven Easy Pieces
488.cd2004The Detroit Cobras: Baby
489.cd51994Marcella Detroit: I Believe
490.2cd1992Neil Diamond: The Greatest Hits 1966 - 1992
491.cd2000Dido: No Angel
492.cd52000Dido: Thankyou
493.cd1996Dimitri From Paris: Sacrebleu
494.cd2000Dimitri From Paris: A Night at the Playboy Mansion
495.7"1990Dive: Captain Nemo
496.cd1990DiVinyls: DiVinyls
497.7"1990DNA: Tom's Diner (featuring Suzanne Vega)
498.cd51993Docent Död: Solglasögon
499.cd1997Don Tiki: The Forbidden Sounds
500.cd2002The Donnas: Spend The Night
501.cd51989Double Trouble: Street Tuff
502.cd1990Double Trouble: As One
503.cd51991Double Trouble: Rub-A-Dub
504.7"1990Dr. Alban: Hello Afrika (Tell Me How You're Doin)
505.cd1994Dr. Alban: Look Whos Talking!
506.cd1996Dr. Awesome: X2
507.cd51993Dr. Dre: Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang
508.7"1990Dream Warriors: My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style
509.cd1998Drömhus: Drömmar
510.cd1995Dubstar: Disgraceful
511.cd1997Dubstar: Goodbye
512.cd2000Dubstar: Make It Better
513.7"1990Candy Dulfer: Heavenly City
514.7"1985Duran Duran: A View To A Kill
515.cd1993Duran Duran: Duran Duran
516.cd52000Paul van Dyke: Tell Me Why (The Riddle) feat. Saint Etienne
517.cd51994East 17: Around The World
518.7"1988Sheena Easton: The Lover In Me
519.cd1987Ebba Grön: 1978 - 1982
520.cd1997Eggstone: Vive La Différence!
521.7"1988Eighth Wonder: I'm Not Scared
522.cd1996Electronic: Raise the Pressure
523.cd2001Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Read My Lips (Promo)
524.cd52001Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Murder On The Dancefloor
525.cd52001Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Murder On The Dancefloor (Promo)
526.cd1992En Vogue: Funky Divas
527.cd1993En Vogue: Runaway Love
528.7"1990Enigma: Sadeness part I
529.7"1991Enigma: Mea Culpa part II
530.cd1993Enigma: The Cross of Changes
531.7"1988Enya: Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
532.7"1988Erasure: Ship of Fools
533.cd1994Esquivel: Esquivel!
534.cd1995Esquivel: Cabaret Mañana
535.7"1987Gloria Estefan: 1 2 3 (and Miami Sound Machine)
536.cd1989Gloria Estefan: Cuts Both Ways
537.cd1991Gloria Estefan: Into The Light
538.cd1993Gloria Estefan: Mí Tierra
539.cd1994Gloria Estefan: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
540.cd1995Gloria Estefan: Abriendo Puertas
541.cd1996Gloria Estefan: Destiny
542.cd1987Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine: Let It Loose
543.cd1993Eternal: Always & Forever
544.cd51994Eternal: Just a Step From Heaven
545.cd1995Eternal: Power of a Woman
546.7"1990Richard Evenlind: C'mon Let's Go
547.cd52001Rebecca Facey: Boat On The River
548.7"1987Falco: Emotional (N.Y. Mix)
549.12"1984Harold Faltermeyer: Axel F (Extended Version)
550.7"1990The Family Stand: Ghetto heaven
551.cd1991The Family Stand: Moon In Scorpio
552.cd1998Fantastic Plastic Machine: The Fantastic Plastic Machine
553.cd1999Fantastic Plastic Machine: Luxury
554.cd1988Mylene Farmer: Ainsi soit je…
555.cd1991Mylene Farmer: L'autre…
556.cd1993Mylene Farmer: Dance Remixes
557.cd1998Fastball: All The Pain Money Can Buy
558.cd1997Fatboy Slim: Better Living Through Chemistry
559.cd1998Fatboy Slim: You've Come A Long Way, Baby
560.cd1992Felix: #1
561.cd51992Felix: Don't You Want Me. Original mixes and remixes
562.7"1988Sös Fenger Thomas Helmig Sanne Salomonsen Anne Linnet: Den Jeg Elsker Elsker Jeg
563.cd1999Ibrahim Ferrer: Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer
564.cd1991Lisa Fischer: So Intense
565.cd51997Foxy Brown: Big Bad Mamma
566.cd1999Foxy Brown: Chyna Doll
567.7"1983Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax
568.7"1983Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax (Japanese)
569.7"1983Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax (U.S.)
570.7"1983Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes
571.7"1984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Power of Love
572.7"1984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Power of Love (Picture Disc)
573.7"1984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes (Picture Disc)
574.cd1984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome
575.cd1984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Germany)
576.cd51984Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Power of Love
577.7"1985Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome
578.7"1986Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard
579.7"1986Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard *
580.cd1986Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Liverpool
581.7"1987Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Watching The Wildlife
582.cd51989Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard
583.cd1993Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Reload! Frankie: The Whole 12 Inches
584.cd51993Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax
585.cd51993Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome
586.cd1996Fugees: The Score
587.cd2001Fun Lovin' Criminals: Loco
588.cd2002Nelly Furtado: Whoa. Nelly! (pirate copy)
589.cd51991Eric Gadd: Do You Believe In Me
590.cd1995Garbage: Garbage
591.cd1994Michelle Gayle: Michelle Gayle
592.cd1997The Gentle People: Soundtrack for Living
593.cd1972Gilberto Gil: Expresso 2222
594.cd1993Astrud Gilberto: Jazz Masters 9
595.cd1997Gina G: Fresh!
596.7"1989Gipsy Kings: Volare
597.cd51990Gipsy Kings: Bamboleo
598.cd1989Deborahe Glasgow: Deborahe Glasgow
599.cd1998Gomez: Bring It On
600.cd1999Gomez: Liquid Skin
601.cd2000Gomez: Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline
602.cd2000Rubén González: Chanchullo
603.cd1999Alex Gopher: You My Baby & I
604.7"1990Lonnie Gordon: Happenin All Over Again
605.cd52000Gorillaz: 19/2000
606.cd52001Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood (2)
607.cd52001Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood (4)
608.cd2000Grandaddy: The Software Slump
609.cd2003Grandaddy: Sumday
610.cd1999Macy Gray: On How Life Is
611.12"1990Grease: The Grease Megamix
612.cd1992The Grid: 456
613.7"1989Marcia Griffiths: Electric Boogie
614.cd51989Marcia Griffiths: Electric Boogie
615.cd1990Marcia Griffiths: Carousel
616.cd1999Groove Armada: Vertigo
617.7"1980Gyllene Tider: När Vi Två Blir En
618.cd1986Beres Hammond: A Love Affair
619.cd1967Francoise Hardy: Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp…
620.cd1968Francoise Hardy: Comment Te Dire Adieu
621.cd1970Francoise Hardy: Soleil
622.cd1971Francoise Hardy: La Question
623.cd1972Francoise Hardy: Et Si Je Mén Vais Avant Toi
624.cd1996Francoise Hardy: Le Danger
625.cd1997Raui Harris & the Prophets: Funky Sitar Man
626.cd1995P.J. Harvey: To Bring You My Love
627.cd1998P.J. Harvey: Is This Desire?
628.cd2000P.J. Harvey: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
629.cd1990Hasse & Tage: 88 Öres-revyn från Skeppet
630.cd1993Hasse & Tage: Lådan
631.cd1993Hasse & Tage: Malte, Valfrid Lindemans Son
632.cd1993Hasse & Tage: Valfrid Lindeman
633.cd1994Hasse & Tage: Lindeman på nya Äventyr
634.cd1994Hasse & Tage: Ännu Flera Lindemän
635.7"1987Ofra Haza: Im Nin'alu (English Mix)
636.7"1989Ofra Haza: Wish Me Luck
637.cd1989Ofra Haza: Ya Ba Ye
638.2cd1998HedKandi Compilation: Nu Cool
639.2cd1999HedKandi Compilation: Back To Love
640.2cd1999HedKandi Compilation: Nu Cool 2
641.2cd1999HedKandi Compilation: Nu Cool 3
642.2cd1999HedKandi Compilation: Serve Chilled
643.2cd1999HedKandi Compilation: Winter Chill
644.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Back To Love 2
645.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Beach House
646.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Disco Kandi
647.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Disco Kandi 2
648.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Nu Cool 4
649.2cd2000HedKandi Compilation: Serve Chilled 2
650.2cd1997Armand van Helden: Remixes by Armand van Helden
651.7"1989Jakob Hellman: Vara Vänner
652.cd1999Faith Hill: Breathe
653.cd1998Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
654.cd1989Louise Hoffsten: Yeah, Yeah
655.cd1993Louise Hoffsten: Rhythm & Blonde
656.cd1995Louise Hoffsten: 6
657.cd1998Hole: Celebrity Skin
658.cd1997David Holmes: Lets Get Killed
659.cd1989Hoodoo Gurus: Magnum Cum Louder
660.7"1990Whitney Houston: I'm Your baby Tonight
661.cd1995Adina Howard: Do You Wanna Ride?
662.cd51994The Human League: Tell Me When
663.cd1995The Human League: Greatest Hits
664.cd1995The Human League: Octopus
665.7"1988Hunters & Collectors: Do You See What I See?
666.cd1995Michael Hurley: Wolf Ways
667.cd51992Hysteria: Take Me Higher
668.7"1987Icehouse: Crazy
669.cd1988Billy Idol: Idol Songs, 11 of the Best
670.7"1992Incognito: Change
671.cd51998Indian Vibes: Mathar
672.7"1988Inner City: Good Life
673.cd1990Innocence: Belief
674.7"1987Inxs: Need You Tonight
675.cd51988Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart
676.cd51991Irma: Precis Som Du
677.cd1989Gregory Isaacs: I.O.U.
678.cd1989Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown: No Contest
679.cd51993Chris Isaak: Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)
680.cd1997Ivy: Apartment Life
681.cd51992Izabella: Shame Shame Shame
682.cd51990J.T. and the Big Family: Foreign Affair (Beats Mix)
683.7"1986Janet Jackson: Control
684.7"1986Janet Jackson: What Have You Done For Me Lately
685.7"1986Janet Jackson: What Have You Done For Me Lately (Picture Disc)
686.7"1986Janet Jackson: When I Think Of You
687.7"1986Janet Jackson: When I Think Of You (Clear Vinyl)
688.cd1986Janet Jackson: Control
689.7"1989Janet Jackson: Miss You Much
690.cd1989Janet Jackson: Rhytm Nation 1814
691.cd1993Janet Jackson: Janet
692.cd1994Jade: Mind, Body & Song
693.cd1993Jam & Spoon: Tripomatic Fairytales 2002
694.cd51994Jam & Spoon: Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona)
695.cd1997Jam & Spoon: Kaleidoscope
696.cd1990The Jamaica Boys: J Boys
697.cd1994Harry James: Giants of Jazz, Harry James 1954 - 1966
698.cd1996Harry James: The Classic Tracks
699.cd1976Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene
700.cd1978Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe
701.cd1981Jean-Michel Jarre: Magnetic Fields
702.2cd1982Jean-Michel Jarre: The Cocerts In China
703.cd1985Jean-Michel Jarre: Zoolook
704.cd1986Jean-Michel Jarre: Rendez-Vous
705.cd1987Jean-Michel Jarre: Cities In Concert, Houston/Lyon
706.cd1990Jean-Michel Jarre: Waiting For Cousteau
707.2cd1994Jean-Michel Jarre: Hong Kong
708.cd1997Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene 7-13
709.cd1997Jay-Z: In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
710.7"1991DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Summer time
711.cd1996Jean Jacques Perrey: Moog Indigo
712.cd1997Wyclef Jean: The Carnival
713.cd52000Wyclef Jean: 911 (featuring Mary J. Blidge)
714.7"1987Jellybean: Just A Mirage (featuring Adele Bertei)
715.cd1994Jewel: Save The Linoleum
716.cd1997Jewel: Pieces Of You
717.cd51997Jewel: You Were Meant For Me (Promo)
718.cd1998Jewel: Spirit
719.cd1999Jewel: Joy: A Holiday Collection
720.cd1999Jewel: Joy: A Holiday Collection
721.cd51999Jewel: Jupiter (Promo)
722.cdr1999Jewel: Live (Recorded from ZTV)
723.cdr1999Jewel: Live from Woodstock
724.cd2001Jewel: This Way
725.cd2001Jewel: This Way (pirate copy)
726.cd2003Jewel: 0304
727.3cd1995Antonio Carlos Jobim: The Man From Ipanema
728.7"1987Johnny Hates Jazz: Turn Back the Clock
729.7"1989Holly Johnson: Love Train
730.cd51999Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks: Rocket True Temper 20 Oz
731.cd2000Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks: Fried on the Altar of Good Taste
732.cd52000Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks: Ali Pang
733.cd52000Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks: Sputnik Monroe
734.7"1982Grace Jones: Love Is The Drug
735.cd1985Grace Jones: Island Life
736.7"1990Just D: 1&3e2
737.cd1990Just D: 1 Steg Bak Å 2 Steg Fram
738.cd1991Just D: Svenska Ord
739.cd51995Kajsa: Angel Eye
740.cd1987Mory Kanté: Akwaba Beach
741.cd1990Mory Kanté: Touma
742.cd1993Mory Kanté: Nongo Village
743.12"1989Kaoma: Lambada
744.cd1989Kassav': Majestik Zouk
745.12"1990Kayo: Change Of Attitude
746.cd51993Kayo: Om Natten
747.cd1990KC and the Sunshine Band: The Best of KC and the Sunshine Band
748.cd1989Salif Keita: Ko-Yan
749.cd1999Kelis: Kaleidoscope
750.cd51999Kelis: Caught Out There
751.cd51999Kelis: Caught Out There (Promo)
752.cd52000Kelis: Get Along With You
753.cd52000Kelis: Good Stuff
754.cd52000Kelis: Good Stuff (Promo)
755.cd52000Kelis: Good Stuff (Promo)
756.cd2001Kelis: Wanderland
757.cd52001Kelis: Young, Fresh n' New
758.cd52001Kemopetrol: Child Is My Name
759.cd1992Khaled: Khaled
760.cd1993Khaled: N'ssi N'ssi
761.12"1990Kid Creole and the Coconuts: The Sex Of It
762.7"1990Kid Creole and the Coconuts: The Sex Of It
763.cd1990Angélique Kidjo: Parakou
764.cd1991Angélique Kidjo: Logozo
765.cd1994Angélique Kidjo: Ayé
766.cd1987The Kinks: The Collections
767.2cd1988Kitaro: The Best of Ten Years (1976 - 1986)
768.12"1988Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat: Cha Cha Heels
769.7"1990The KLF: 3 am Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)
770.cd51991The KLF: Last Train to Trancentral
771.cd51992The KLF: America: What Time Is Love?
772.cd1989Kon Kan: Move To Move
773.7"1983Kraftwerk: Tour De France
774.12"1989Kraze: Let's Play House
775.cd1998Kris Kristofferson: The Country Collection
776.2cd2004Kris Kristofferson: The Essential
777.cd1996Gene Krupa: The Classic Tracks
778.7"1987Krush: House Arrest
779.12"1990Krystal: All Around The World
780.cd1996Kula Shaker: K
781.12"1988L.A. Mix: Check This Out
782.7"1986Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald: On My Own
783.cd2001Ladytron: 604
784.cd2002Ladytron: Light & Magic
785.cd1989Philippe Lafontaine: Fa Ma No Ni Ma
786.12"1988Laibach: Across The Universe
787.7"1989Laidback: Bakerman
788.cd52001Lambretta: Bimbo
789.cd1992K.D. Lang: Ingénue
790.cd1992Lapiro de Mbanga: Ndinga Man Contre-Attaque: Na Wou Go Pay?
791.cd51991The Leather Nun: Girls
792.cd1999Leftfield: Rhythm and Stealth
793.7"1989Leila K: Got To Get
794.12"1990Charles D. Lewis: Soca Dance
795.cd51994CJ Lewis: Sweets For My Sweet
796.cd1989Lieutenant Stitchie: The Governor
797.cd51994Lighter Shade of Brown: Hey D.J.
798.cd1996The Lightning Seeds: Dizzy Heights
799.cd1999The Lightning Seeds: Tilt
800.cd2000Lil' Kim: The Notoriuos KIM
801.12"1990Lili & Sussie: What's The Colour Of Love
802.12"1989Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam: Little Jackie Wants To Be A Star
803.cd1990Little Lenny: Gun In A Baggy
804.cd51991LL Cool J: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
805.cd1995LL Cool J: Mr. Smith
806.12"1989J.C. Lodge: Telephone Love
807.cd1990J.C. Lodge: I Believe In You
808.cd1990J.C. Lodge: Revealed
809.cd1990J.C. Lodge: Selfish Lover
810.cd1993J.C. Lodge: To The Max
811.cd51994Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories: Stay (I Missed You)
812.12"1985The London Symphony Orchestra with The Royal Choral Society: Two Tribes/Relax
813.7"1985The London Symphony Orchestra with The Royal Choral Society: Two Tribes/Relax
814.cd1999Jennifer Lopez: On The 6
815.cd52001Jennifer Lopez: Play
816.cd52001Jennifer Lopez: Play (Promo)
817.12"1990Lorca: Ritmo De La Noche
818.cd1989Los Van Van: Songo
819.cd1996Los Van Van: The Best of Juan Formell y Los Van Van, Tumi Cuba Explosion
820.cd51998Lucid: I Can't Help Myself
821.cd1997Baz Luhrmann: Something For Everybody
822.cd1996Luscious Jackson: Fever In Fever Out
823.cd1999Luscious Jackson: Electric Honey
824.cd1996Lush: Lovelife
825.7"1989M: Pop Muzik (1989 Re-Mix)
826.7"1988M & H Band: Pop Corn
827.cd1986Aurlus Mabele: Aurlus Mabele
828.cd51999Madison Avenue: Don't Call Me Baby
829.12"1989Madonna: Express Yourself
830.7"1990Madonna: Justify My Love
831.cd1992Madonna: Erotica
832.cd1994Madonna: Bedtime Stories
833.cd1995Madonna: Something To Remember
834.cd1998Madonna: Ray Of Light
835.cd51998Madonna: Frozen
836.cd51999Madonna: Beautiful Stranger
837.cd2000Madonna: Music
838.cd52000Madonna: Don't Tell Me (CD1)
839.cd52000Madonna: Don't Tell Me (CD2)
840.cd52000Madonna: Music (CD1)
841.cd52000Madonna: Music (CD2)
842.cd52000Madonna: Music (Singapore)
843.cd52001Madonna: Amazing
844.cd52001Madonna: What It Feels Like For A Girl (1) Promo
845.cd52001Madonna: What It Feels Like For A Girl (2) Promo
846.cd52001Madonna: What It Feels Like For A Girl (3) Promo
847.cd52001Madonna: What It Feels Like For A Girl (8)
848.cd1992Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens: The best of Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens
849.cd1993Makonde: Ba-Makonde
850.12"1988Mandy: Boys and Girls
851.12"1989Mandy: Don't You Want Me Baby
852.cd1990Kante Manfila: Diniya
853.cd1990Mango Groove: Mango Groove
854.cd1998Manic Street Preachers: This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
855.cd1985Barry Manilow: Manilow
856.cd1993Barry Manilow: Hidden Treasures
857.12"1989Mano Negra: King Kong Five
858.12"1989Mantronix: Got To Have Your Love
859.12"1988Zeke Manyika: Bible Belt
860.cd1989Zeke Manyika: Mastercrime
861.cd1995Money Mark: Mark's Keyboard Repair
862.cd1998Money Mark: Push the Button
863.cd1984Bob Marley & The Wailers: Legend
864.7"1988Ziggy Marley: Tumblin' Down
865.7"1989Martika: Toy Soldiers
866.cd1989Martika: Martika
867.cd31989Martika: I Feel The Earth Move
868.cd1991Martika: Martika's Kitchen
869.cd1998Dean Martin: The Very Best Of Dean Martin
870.cd1997Mase: Harlem World
871.cd1991Massive Attack: Blue Lines
872.cd1998Massive Attack: Mezzanine
873.7"1990Maxi Priest: Close To You
874.cd1995Mayomi: I am
875.12"1989Malcolm McLaren: Double Dutch/Buffalo Gals
876.cd1989Malcolm McLaren: Waltz Darling (with The Bootzilla Orchestra)
877.cd1994Malcolm McLaren: Paris
878.cd1998Meja: Seven Sisters
879.cd52000Meja: Spirits
880.7"1987Mel & Kim: F.L.M.
881.cd1995Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66: Easy Loungin'
882.cd1990Margareth Menezes: Elegibo
883.7"1987Mental as Anything: He's Just No Good For You
884.cd51995Natalie Merchant: Wonder (Remix)
885.2cd1996Natalie Merchant: Tigerlily
886.cd1998Natalie Merchant: Ophelia
887.cd51998Natalie Merchant: Break Your Heart (Promo)
888.cd51998Natalie Merchant: Kind & Generous
889.cd51998Natalie Merchant: Life Is Sweet
890.cd1999Natalie Merchant: Live in Concert
891.cd51999Natalie Merchant: Life Is Sweet (Promo)
892.12"1987George Michael: I Want Your Sex
893.cd1993George Michael: Five Live (with Queen and Lisa Stansfield)
894.cd1989Michel'Le: Michel'Le
895.cd2002Miguel Migs: Nude Tempo One
896.cd51995The Mike Flowers Pops: Wonderwall
897.cd1996The Mike Flowers Pops: A Groove Place
898.cd51996Robert Miles: One & One (featuring Maria Nayler)
899.7"1990Milira: Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
900.cd1991Kylie Minogue: Let's Get To It
901.cd1994Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue
902.cd1997Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue (Impossible Princess) (Japanese)
903.cd51997Kylie Minogue: Some kind of bliss
904.2cd2000Kylie Minogue: Light Years (Bonus CD)
905.cd2000Kylie Minogue: Light Years
906.cd52000Kylie Minogue: On a Night Like This CD1
907.cd52000Kylie Minogue: On a Night Like This CD2
908.cd52000Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around CD1
909.cd52000Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around CD2
910.cd52001Kylie Minogue: Can't Get You Out Of My Head (CD1)
911.cd52001Kylie Minogue: Can't Get You Out Of My Head (CD2)
912.cd52002Kylie Minogue: Love At First Sight (CD1)
913.cd52002Kylie Minogue: Love At First Sight (CD2)
914.dvd2002Kylie Minogue: Love At First Sight
915.cd1997Mirageman: Thrilling
916.cd1997Missy Misdemeanor Elliot: Supa Dupa Fly
917.cd2000Moloko: Things to Make and Do
918.cd51998Monica: The First Night
919.12"1989Monie Love: Grandpa's Party
920.7"1990Monie Love: It's A Shame (My Sister)
921.cd51998Monifah: Touch It
922.2cd1997Mono: Formica Blues
923.cd1997Mono: Formica Blues
924.cd51997Mono: Slimcea Girl
925.cd51998Mono: High Life
926.cd51998Mono: Life In Mono
927.7"1987Marilyn Monroe: I Wanna Be Loved By You (Picture Disc)
928.7"1989Marilyn Monroe: I Wanna Be Loved By You
929.7"1989June Montana: I Need Your Love
930.cd31989June Montana: I Need Your Love
931.cd1994Chanté Moore: A Love Supreme
932.7"1985Gary Moore Phil Lynott: Out In The Fields
933.cd52000Mandy Moore: Candy
934.7"1990Jamie J. Morgan: Walk On The Wildside
935.cd1995Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill
936.cd1998Alanis Morissette: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
937.cd1990Ennio Morricone: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
938.7"1989Jenny Morris: She Has To Be Loved
939.cd1991Judy Mowatt: Look at Love
940.cd51999Mr Oizo: Flat Beat
941.cd51999Multicyde: Not For The Dough (feat. Anèa)
942.cd1998Mya: Mya
943.cd2000Mya: Fear Of Flying
944.cd52000Mya: Case Of The Ex
945.cd51998Billie Myers: Tell Me
946.7"1987M|A|R|R|S: Pump up the Volume
947.7"1988Jörgen Mörnbäck: Rapping Ingvar
948.cd1989Youssou N'Dour: The Lion
949.cd2000Leona Naess: Comatised
950.7"1988Tove Naess: I Want You Back
951.cd51990Nardo Ranks: Burrup
952.cd51991Natural Selection: Do Anything
953.cd1990Lord Nelson: Soca! Soca!
954.7"1986Robbie Nevil: C'est La Vie
955.7"1990New Kids On The Block: Cover Girl
956.12"1983New Order: Blue Monday
957.12"1986New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
958.12"1987New Order: True Faith
959.cd52001New Order: Crystal (CD1)
960.cd52001New Order: Crystal (CD2)
961.dvd2001New Order: 60 Miles An Hour
962.cd51992Niagara: La Fin Des Étoiles
963.cd51993Nice Device: Cool Corona (Could You Be Like E...)
964.7"1992Lisa Nilsson: Varje gång jag ser dig
965.cd1995No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom
966.cd1997The Notorious B.I.G.: Life after Death
967.7"1988Nu Shooz: Should I Say Yes
968.cd52000Nucamp: Born This Way
969.2cd1997Laura Nyro: Stoned Soul Picnic, The Best of laura Nyro
970.12"1990Sinead O'Connor: Nothing Compares 2 U
971.7"1984Opus: Live is Life
972.2cd1996Oribital: In Sides
973.cd1996Beth Orton: Trailer Park
974.cd1999Beth Orton: Central Reservation
975.7"1988Orup: Min Mor Sa Till Mig
976.cd51991Orup: My Earth-Angel
977.cd51993Orup: Som isarna (när det blir vår)
978.cd1995Joan Osborne: Relish
979.cd2001Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information (copy)
980.2cd2003Outkast: The Love Below / Speakerboxxx
981.cd1990Pacific: Interference
982.12"1990Pan: Bana Bana (Original Swedish Remix)
983.cd51993Pandora: Trust me
984.cd2002Paola: Stockcity Girl
985.12"1990Papa Dee: Beautiful Woman (Love Supreme)
986.7"1990Papa Dee: Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
987.cd1992Vanessa Paradis: Vanessa Paradis
988.cd51997Paradisio: Bailando
989.cd1998Mica Paris: Black Angel
990.2cd1993Parliament: Tear the Roof Off - 1974-1980
991.7"1990Partners In Kryme: Turtle Power
992.7"1990Partners Rime Syndicate: 54-46 (that's my number)
993.7"1990Partners Rime Syndicate: C'mon & Dance
994.cd1995Patra: Scent of Attraction
995.cd1991Frankie Paul: Every Nigger is a Star
996.7"1985Paul Hardcastle: 19
997.cd2002Sean Paul: Dutty Rock
998.7"1987Pebbles: Girlfriend
999.7"1990Pebbles: Giving You The Benefit
1000.cd1994Dawn Penn: No, No, No
1001.4cd1991Pet Shop Boys: The Maxi-CD Collection of the Pet Shop Boys
1002.7"1990Lena Philipsson: Why
1003.7"1991Lena Philipsson: The Escape
1004.cd1996Sam Phillips: Omnipop (It's Only A Flesh Wound Lambchop)
1005.cd1997Photek: Modus Operandi
1006.cd2000Pink: Can't Take Me Home
1007.cd52000Pink: Most Girls
1008.cd2002Pink: Missundaztood (pirate copy)
1009.7"1987Pink Floyd: Learning To Fly
1010.cd1988Pixies: Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim
1011.cd1989Pixies: Doolittle
1012.cd1990Pixies: Bossanova
1013.cd1997Pixies: Death to the Pixies
1014.cd1986Pizzicato Five: Pizzicatomania! ... Farewell to the first golden era of Pizzicato V
1015.cd1991Pizzicato Five: Hi, guys! Let me teach you
1016.cd1991Pizzicato Five: This Year's Girl
1017.cd1993Pizzicato Five: Bossanova 2001
1018.cd1993Pizzicato Five: Expo 2001
1019.cd1993Pizzicato Five: Instant Replay The best of Pizzicato Live Direct
1020.cd1994Pizzicato Five: Made in USA
1021.cd1994Pizzicato Five: Overdose
1022.cd1994Pizzicato Five: Overdose
1023.cd51994Pizzicato Five: A Television Workshop e.p.
1024.cd51994Pizzicato Five: Five by Five
1025.cd1995Pizzicato Five: Bellisima!
1026.cd1995Pizzicato Five: By Her Majesty's Request
1027.cd1995Pizzicato Five: Couples
1028.cd1995Pizzicato Five: Romantique 96
1029.cd1995Pizzicato Five: Soft Landing on the Moon
1030.cd1995Pizzicato Five: The Sound of Music
1031.cd51995Pizzicato Five: Good (Promo)
1032.cd51995Pizzicato Five: Happy Sad
1033.cd51995Pizzicato Five: Quickie EP
1034.cd1996Pizzicato Five: Antique 96
1035.cd31996Pizzicato Five: A Message Song
1036.cd51996Pizzicato Five: Sister Freedom Tapes
1037.cd51996Pizzicato Five: Sister Freedom Tapes
1038.cd1997Pizzicato Five: Big Hits and Jet Lags 1994 - 1997
1039.cd1997Pizzicato Five: Big Hits and Jet Lags 1994 - 1997
1040.cd1997Pizzicato Five: Happy End of the World
1041.cd31997Pizzicato Five: Concerto
1042.cd51997Pizzicato Five: Combinaison Spaciale ep
1043.cd51997Pizzicato Five: Mon Amour Tokyo
1044.cd1998Pizzicato Five: Remix Album: Happy End of You
1045.cd31998Pizzicato Five: Baby Baby (?)
1046.cd31998Pizzicato Five: Such A Beautiful Girl Like You
1047.cd1999Pizzicato Five: Pizzicato Five (tm)
1048.cd1999Pizzicato Five: Playboy & Playgirl
1049.cd51999Pizzicato Five: Darlin' of Discothèque e.p.
1050.cdr1999Pizzicato Five: Live at Roskilde
1051.cd2000Pizzicato Five: The fifth release from Matador
1052.cd2001Pizzicato Five: Cà et là du Japon
1053.cd2001Pizzicato Five: Cà et là du Japon
1054.cd2001Pizzicato Five: In the Mix. A tatsuo Sunaga Live Mix
1055.cd1987Buster Poindexter: Buster Poindexter
1056.7"1989Buster Poindexter: All Night Party
1057.cd1989Buster Poindexter: Buster Goes Berserk
1058.12"1990Polnareff: Toi Et Moi...
1059.cd1990Polnareff: Kama-Sutra
1060.cd2000Omara Portuondo: Buena Vista Social Club presents
1061.cd1997Elvis Presley: 24 Karat Hits!
1062.cd2000Elvis Presley: Swedish Hit Collection
1063.cd2000Elvis Presley: That's The Way It Is (Special Edition) Disc One
1064.cd2000Elvis Presley: That's The Way It Is (Special Edition) Disc Three
1065.cd2000Elvis Presley: That's The Way It Is (Special Edition) Disc Two
1066.cd1997Primal Scream: Vanishing Point
1067.cd1984Prince: Purple Rain (and the Revolution)
1068.7"1988Prince: Alphabet Street
1069.12"1989Prince: Batdance
1070.cd1991Prince: Cream Remixes (and the New Power Generation)
1071.cd1991Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (and the New Power Generation)
1072.cd1992Prince: Symbol (and the New Power Generation)
1073.cd1996Project 23: 23
1074.12"1990Propaganda: Heaven Give Me Words (Honey In Heaven)
1075.cd1998Propellerheads: Decksandrumsandrockandroll
1076.7"1987Pseudo Echo: Funky Town
1077.cd1991Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black
1078.cd1997Puff Daddy & The Family: No Way Out
1079.cd1995Pulp: Different Class
1080.cd1997Pulp: This Is Hardcore
1081.cd1989Queen Latifah: All Hail the Queen
1082.cd1991Queen Latifah: Nature of a Sista'
1083.12"1991R.E.M.: Radio Song
1084.cd1995Radiohead: The Bends
1085.cd1997Radiohead: OK Computer
1086.7"1989The Ramones: Pet Sematary
1087.cd1991Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
1088.cd1992Red Hot Chili Peppers: What Hits!?
1089.cd31989Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I.: Do The RIght Thing
1090.cd31989Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I.: Superbad Superslick
1091.7"1990Reel Power: Trust
1092.cd1993Reeperbahn: 79-83
1093.7"1988The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra: Minnie The Moocher
1094.cd1990The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra: Time
1095.cd1996Republica: Republica
1096.7"1987James Reyne: Fall Of Rome
1097.7"1987James Reyne: Hammerhead
1098.7"1989The Reynolds Girls: I'd Rather Jack
1099.cd1999Rinôcérôse: Installation Sonore
1100.cd52001Riva: Who Do You Love Now? [stringer] featuring Danii Minogue
1101.cd1992Rob'n'Raz DLC: Clubhopping the album
1102.cd51992Rob'n'Raz DLC: Dancing Queen
1103.7"1988Robbie Robertson: Somewhere Down The Crazy River
1104.cd51992Robin S: Show Me Love
1105.cd1989José Luis Rodriguez: Tengo Derecho A Ser Feliz
1106.cd51999Rollergirl: Dear Jessie (The Remixes)
1107.cd52000Rollergirl: Superstar
1108.cd1997Roni Size Reprazent: New Forms
1109.7"1987Rose Tattoo: Falling
1110.cd1981Diana Ross: Why Do Fools Fall In Fall
1111.7"1989Diana Ross: Paradise
1112.cd1986Diana Ross and the Supremes: Let the Sunshine In/Cream of the Crop
1113.12"1991Diana Ross and the Supremes: Supremes Medley
1114.cd51988Roxanne: Respect
1115.cd1991Royal Crown Revue: Kings of Gangster Bop
1116.12"1991Rozalla: Faith (In The Power Of Love)
1117.7"1991Rozalla: Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
1118.cd51992Rozalla: Are You Ready To Fly
1119.cd1987Ronald Rubinel: Tilda
1120.12"1986Run DMC: Walk This Way
1121.7"1988Brenda Russell: Piano in the Dark
1122.cd1992Anne-Lie Rydé: Stulna Kyssar
1123.cd1994Anne-Lie Rydé: Prima Donna!
1124.cd52001Röyksopp: Eple
1125.cd52001S Club 7: Don't Stop Movin'
1126.7"1988S'Express: Theme from S-Express
1127.cd1991S'Express: Intercourse
1128.12"1988Sabrina: Lady Marmelade (Remix)
1129.cd1984Sade: Diamond Life
1130.7"1988Sade: Love Is Stronger Than Pride
1131.cd52000Sahlene: The Little Voice
1132.cd1976Sailor: The Third Step
1133.cd51990Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way (US Promo)
1134.cd51990Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way (US Promo)
1135.cd1991Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha
1136.cd1991Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha (Japan)
1137.cd1991Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha (US)
1138.cd1991Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha (US)
1139.cd51991Saint Etienne: Nothing Can Stop Us
1140.cd51991Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Promo)
1141.cd51991Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (US)
1142.cd51992Saint Etienne: Avenue
1143.cd51992Saint Etienne: Join Our Club
1144.cd51992Saint Etienne: Join Our Club
1145.cd1993Saint Etienne: So Tough
1146.cd1993Saint Etienne: So Tough (Promo)
1147.cd1993Saint Etienne: So Tough (Promo)
1148.cd1993Saint Etienne: You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
1149.cd1993Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way
1150.cd51993Saint Etienne: Hobart Paving (Promo)
1151.cd51993Saint Etienne: Hobart Paving (Promo)
1152.cd51993Saint Etienne: Hobart Paving/Who Do You Think You Are
1153.cd51993Saint Etienne: Who Do You Think You Are (Promo)
1154.cd51993Saint Etienne: Xmas 93
1155.cd51993Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way
1156.cd1994Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay
1157.cd1994Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay (Promo)
1158.cd1994Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay (US)
1159.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul (US Promo)
1160.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 4 Songs
1161.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 4 Songs
1162.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 4 Songs (Promo)
1163.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 5 Mixes
1164.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 5 Mixes
1165.cd51994Saint Etienne: Hug My Soul, 5 Mixes (Promo)
1166.cd51994Saint Etienne: Like A Motorway
1167.cd51994Saint Etienne: Like A Motorway
1168.cd51994Saint Etienne: Like A Motorway (Promo)
1169.cd51994Saint Etienne: Like A Motorway (US Promo)
1170.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie
1171.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie
1172.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie
1173.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie
1174.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie (Japan Promo)
1175.cd51994Saint Etienne: Pale Movie (Promo)
1176.cd1995Saint Etienne: Fairy Tales From Saint Etienne (Japan)
1177.cd1995Saint Etienne: Fairy Tales From Saint Etienne (Japan)
1178.cd1995Saint Etienne: Too Young To Die, Singles 1990-1995
1179.cd1995Saint Etienne: Too Young To Die, Singles 1990-1995 (Promo)
1180.cd51995Saint Etienne: He's On The Phone (Motiv 8 Mix) featuring Etienne Daho
1181.cd51995Saint Etienne: He's On The Phone (Motiv 8 Mix) featuring Etienne Daho
1182.cd51995Saint Etienne: He's On The Phone featuring Etienne Daho
1183.cd51995Saint Etienne: He's On The Phone featuring Etienne Daho
1184.cd51995Saint Etienne: Reserection (as St. Etienne Daho)
1185.cdr1995Saint Etienne: I Love To Paint (fanclub)(mp3)
1186.cdr1995Saint Etienne: Xmas 95 (fanclub)(mp3)
1187.2cd1996Saint Etienne: Casino Classics
1188.cd1996Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay
1189.cd51996Saint Etienne: Angel (Promo)
1190.cd51996Saint Etienne: He's On The Phone featuring Etienne Daho
1191.cd1997Saint Etienne: Album (Promo)
1192.cd1997Saint Etienne: Continental (Japan)
1193.cd1997Saint Etienne: Continental (Japan)
1194.cdr1997Saint Etienne: Valentines Day 97 (fanclub)(mp3)
1195.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good Humor
1196.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good Humor (CRECD 225L)
1197.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good Humor (Digipak)
1198.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good Humor (Limited Edition Digipak)
1199.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good Humor (Promo)
1200.cd1998Saint Etienne: Good humor (Japan)
1201.cd51998Saint Etienne: Good Humor Bonus CD (France) In The Morning
1202.cd51998Saint Etienne: Lose That Girl (Promo)
1203.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie
1204.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie (Japan)
1205.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie (Japan)
1206.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie (Radio Edit)(Promo)
1207.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie (Radio Edit)(Promo) (CCD 279)
1208.cd51998Saint Etienne: Sylvie (Trouser Enthusiast's Tintinnabulation Edit)
1209.cd51998Saint Etienne: The Bad Photographer
1210.cd51998Saint Etienne: The Bad Photographer
1211.cd51998Saint Etienne: The Bad Photographer (Promo)
1212.cd51998Saint Etienne: The Bad Photographer (Radio Mix)
1213.cd51998Saint Etienne: The Bad Photographer (Radio Mix)(Promo)
1214.cdr1998Saint Etienne: Fairfax High (limited)(mp3)
1215.cd1999Saint Etienne: Places To Visit (US)
1216.cd1999Saint Etienne: The Misadventures of Saint Etienne (Japan)
1217.cdr1999Saint Etienne: Built on Sand, Rarities: 1994 - 1999 (fanclub)(mp3)
1218.cdr1999Saint Etienne: Xmas 98 (fanclub)(mp3)
1219.cd2000Saint Etienne: Sound of Water
1220.cd52000Saint Etienne: Boy Is Crying
1221.cd52000Saint Etienne: Boy Is Crying
1222.cd52000Saint Etienne: Boy Is Crying [Mixes]
1223.cd52000Saint Etienne: Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) CD 1
1224.cd52000Saint Etienne: Heart Failed (Promo) cdr
1225.cd52000Saint Etienne: How We Used To Live
1226.cd52000Saint Etienne: How We Used To Live
1227.2cd2001Saint Etienne: Smash The System, Singles And More
1228.cd2001Saint Etienne: Interlude (US)
1229.cd2001Saint Etienne: Interlude (US)
1230.cd2002Saint Etienne: Finisterre
1231.cd2002Saint Etienne: Finisterre
1232.cd52002Saint Etienne: Action (CD1)
1233.cd52002Saint Etienne: Action (CD2)
1234.cd52002Saint Etienne: Action CD1
1235.cd52002Saint Etienne: Action CD2
1236.cd52002Saint Etienne: Action CD2 (green)
1237.cd52003Saint Etienne: Soft Like Me
1238.cd52003Saint Etienne: Soft Like Me
1239.cd52003Saint Etienne: Soft Like Me (CD1)
1240.cd52003Saint Etienne: Soft Like Me (CD2)
1241.2cd2004Saint Etienne: The Trip (Compilation)
1242.cd2005Saint Etienne: Tales from Turnpike House
1243.cd1998Ryuichi Sakamoto: Discord
1244.cd1988Salt-N-Pepa: A Salt With A Deadly Pepa (featuring Spindirella)
1245.cd51991Salt-N-Pepa: Let's Talk About Sex
1246.cd51991Salt-N-Pepa: You Showed Me
1247.cd1993Salt-N-Pepa: Very Necessary
1248.12"1989Sandra: Hiroshima (Extended Version)
1249.cd1985Scritti Politti: Songs To Remember
1250.cd1988Scritti Politti: Provision
1251.cd51991Scritti Politti: Take me In Your Arms And Love Me
1252.cd1999Compay Segundo: Calle Salud
1253.cd1990Shabba Ranks: Rappin' With The Ladies
1254.cd1992Shabba Ranks: Rough & Ready Vol. 1
1255.cd51992Shabba Ranks: Mr. Loverman
1256.cd1991Shadow: Columbus Lied
1257.7"1987The Shadows: Apache (Picture Disc)
1258.cd51999Shaft: (Mucho Mambo) Sway
1259.cd51992Shaggy: Oh Carolina
1260.12"1989Shakespears Sister: You're History (Voodoo Remix)
1261.cd1992Shakespears Sister: Hormonally Yours
1262.12"1992Shanice: I Love Your Smile (Driza Bone Club Remix)
1263.cd1997She Moves: Breaking All The Rules
1264.cd51991Sheila E: Sex Cymbal
1265.cd1996Shikisha: Belt It Out!
1266.2cd1999Simon & Garfunkel: Tales from New York, The Very Best of Simon & Garfunkel
1267.cd1993Paul Simon: 1964/1993 Disc One
1268.cd1993Paul Simon: 1964/1993 Disc Three
1269.cd1993Paul Simon: 1964/1993 Disc Two
1270.cd31990Nina Simone: My Baby Just Cares For Me
1271.7"1985Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me)
1272.7"1987Joyce Sims: Come Into My Life
1273.cd1993Frank Sinatra: Duets
1274.cd1986Nancy Sinatra: The Hits Years
1275.cd1989Nancy Sinatra: Fairy Tales & Fantasies, The Best of Nancy & Lee (with Lee Hazlewood)
1276.cd1996Nancy Sinatra: Nancy
1277.cd1997Nancy Sinatra: Sugar
1278.12"1989Sinitta: Right Back Where We Started From
1279.7"1990Sinitta: Hitchin' A Ride
1280.cd1995Sleeper: Smart
1281.cd1996Sleeper: The It Girl
1282.cd52001DJ Sleepy: In This Cold World (featuring Thomas Rusiak)
1283.12"1989Sly and Robbie: Dance Hall
1284.cd1998The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore
1285.12"1990Snap: Ooops Up (Vocal Version)
1286.7"1990Snap: Cult of Snap
1287.7"1990Snap: I've Got The Power
1288.cd1992Snap: The Madman's Return
1289.cd2000Snoop Dogg: The Last Meal
1290.cd51993Snow: Informer
1291.cd52000Sonique: It Feels So Good
1292.cd1988Soul Brothers: Jive Explosion
1293.7"1989Soul II Soul: Back To Life (however do you want me)
1294.cd1989Soul II Soul: Club Classics Vol. One
1295.cd1992Soul II Soul: Volume III, Just Right
1296.cd1983Soundtrack: James Bond, 13 Original Themes
1297.cd1984Soundtrack: Beverly Hills Cop
1298.2cd1987Soundtrack: The Phantom of the Opera
1299.cd1987Soundtrack: Full Metal Jacket
1300.cd1988Soundtrack: Bagdad Café
1301.cd1988Soundtrack: Good Morning, Vietnam
1302.cd1988Soundtrack: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
1303.cd1990Soundtrack: Jamaica Go-Go
1304.cd1990Soundtrack: Nikita
1305.cd1990Soundtrack: Twin Peaks
1306.cd1990Soundtrack: Wild at Heart
1307.cd1991Soundtrack: The Commitments
1308.cd1992Soundtrack: Basic Instinct
1309.cd1992Soundtrack: Strictly Ballroom
1310.cd1993Soundtrack: Hair. Original London Cast Recording
1311.cd1993Soundtrack: Trois Couleurs Bleu
1312.cd1994Soundtrack: Pulp Fiction
1313.cd1994Soundtrack: Trois Couleurs Blanc
1314.cd1994Soundtrack: Trois Couleurs Rouge
1315.cd1995Soundtrack: Four Rooms
1316.cd1995Soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever
1317.cd1996Soundtrack: Beavis and Butt-head do America
1318.cd1996Soundtrack: The Rock
1319.cd1997Soundtrack: Jackie Brown
1320.cd1998Soundtrack: The Big Lebowski
1321.cd1999Soundtrack: Go
1322.cd2000Soundtrack: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
1323.cd2001Soundtrack: Ocean's Eleven
1324.cd51994Sparks: When Do I Get To Sing "My Way"
1325.cd1996Spice Girls: Spice
1326.cd52000Spiller: Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
1327.cd1997Spiritualized: Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
1328.cd52000Spooks: Things I've Seen
1329.12"1989Dusty Springfield: Nothing Has Been Proved
1330.7"1989Dusty Springfield: In Private
1331.cd1996Squirrel Nut Zippers: Hot
1332.cd2000St Germain: Tourist
1333.cd52000St Germain: Sure Thing
1334.7"1986Stacey Q: We Connect
1335.cd1991Lisa Stansfield: Real Love
1336.7"1989Mavis Staples: 20th Century Express
1337.12"1988Star Turn on 45 Pints: Pump Up The Bitter (Extended Version)
1338.cd51998Stardust: Music Sounds Better With You
1339.cd51998Steps: Heartbeat/Tragedy
1340.cd1994Stereolab: Mars Audiac Quintet
1341.cd1996Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup
1342.cd1997Stereolab: Dots And Loops
1343.12"1978Amii Stewart: Knock On Wood
1344.cd1986Jermaine Stewart: Frantic Romantic
1345.cd2001Angie Stone: Mahogany Soul
1346.7"1990Stonefunkers: We Come To Party (featuring Papa Dee)
1347.12"1986The Stranglers: Big In America (Texas Mix)
1348.7"1986The Stranglers: Always The Sun
1349.2cd1996Suede: Coming Up
1350.2cd1997Suede: Sci-Fi Lullabies
1351.cd1999Suede: Headmusic
1352.cd52000Sugababes: Overload
1353.cd1991Sugar Minott: Happy Together
1354.2cd1999Suicide: The Second Album + The First Rehersal Tapes
1355.cd1996Yma Sumac: Fuego Del Ande
1356.cd1996Yma Sumac: Legend of the Jivaro
1357.cd1996Yma Sumac: Legend of the Sun Virgin
1358.cd1996Yma Sumac: Mambo!
1359.cd1996Yma Sumac: Voice of the Xtabay
1360.cd1997Yma Sumac: Mambo! (and more...)
1361.2cd1993Donna Summer: The Donna Summer Anthology
1362.cd2000Superfunk: Hold-Up
1363.cd1999Superheroes: Igloo
1364.cd1990Supertramp: The Very Best Of Supertramp
1365.cd1991The Supremes: 70's Greatest Hits and Rare Classics
1366.cd1991Sweetie Irie: DJ Of The Future
1367.cd1992Swing Out Sister: Get In Touch With Yourself
1368.cd1992SWV-Sisters With Voices: It's About Time
1369.12"1988Lis Sörensen: Mine Öjne De Skal Se (The Swingbeat Remix)
1370.7"1989Lis Sörensen: Mine Öjne De Skal Se
1371.cd1997Talk talk: The Very Best Of Talk Talk
1372.7"1990Andy Taylor: Lola
1373.7"1988Dag Taylor: Lucille
1374.7"1989Technotronic: Pump Up The Jam (featuring Felly)
1375.cd2000Teddybears Sthlm: Rock'n'Roll High School
1376.cd52000Teddybears Sthlm: Yours to Keep
1377.cd1995Towa Tei: Future Listening!
1378.cd1995Towa Tei: Future Recall 2 (Japan)
1379.cd1997Towa Tei: Sound Museum (Japan)
1380.cd51991Temper Temper: Talk Much
1381.cd1997Texas: White On Blonde
1382.cd1999Texas: The Hush
1383.cd1985Toots Thielemans: The Silver Collection
1384.cd1988Toots Thielemans: Only Trust Your Heart
1385.cd1998Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Futuremuzik
1386.cd1994Svante Thuresson: Med Själ och Hjärta
1387.cd1990The Time: Pandemonium
1388.cd1986Tippa Irie: Is It Really Happening To Me
1389.12"1989Titiyo: After The Rain (New Life Mix)
1390.7"1989Titiyo: Talking To The Man In The Moon
1391.cd1990Titiyo: Titiyo
1392.cd2001Titiyo: Come Along
1393.cd1992TKA: Greatest Hits
1394.cd1994TLC: CrazySexyCool
1395.cd1989Tone-Loc: Loc-ed After Dark
1396.cd1991Tone-Loc: Cool Hand Loc
1397.cd1993Tony Toni Toné: Sons of Soul
1398.cd51998Touch and Go: Would You...?
1399.cd1999Travis: The Man Who
1400.cd51992Treble & Bass: My Sweet Señorita
1401.cd1999The Tremolo Beergut: The Inebriated Sounds of The Tremolo Beergut
1402.cd2000The Tremolo Beergut: Under the Influence of The Tremolo Beergut
1403.7"1990Tribal Kiss: Get Started
1404.7"1990Junior Tucker: Don't Test
1405.12"1988Ruby Turner: What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
1406.7"1988Ruby Turner: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
1407.cd51989Ruby Turner: Paradise
1408.cd1999Shania Twain: Come On Over
1409.cd51999Shania Twain: That Don't Impress Me Much
1410.cd1995Rebecka Törnqvist: Good Thing
1411.cd1992U 96: Das Boot
1412.cd51992U2: Even Better Than The Real Thing
1413.cd1983UB40: Labour Of Love
1414.cd1989UB40: Labour Of Love II
1415.cd1998Underworld: Beaucoup Fish
1416.cd1995United Future Organization: 3rd Perspective
1417.cd1988The Upsetters: The Upsetter Collection
1418.7"1990Joelle Ursull: White and Black Blues
1419.cd51992Usura: Open Your Mind
1420.cd1993Usura: Open Your Mind, The Album
1421.cd51992Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson: The Best Things In Life Are Free
1422.cd1994Vangelis: Blade Runner
1423.cd1982Vanity 6: Vanity 6
1424.cd1994Caetano Veloso: Minha Historia
1425.cd1993Caetano e Gil: Tropicalia 2
1426.cd1997Veruca Salt: Eight Arms To Hold You
1427.cd1997The Verve: Urban Hymns
1428.cd51997The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
1429.7"1988Tom Waits: 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
1430.cd1998Wamdue Project: Program Yourself
1431.cd1999Wamdue Project: Best of Wamdue Project
1432.cd1997The Wannadies: Bagsy Me
1433.cd1998The Wannadies: Skellefteå 1994 - 1989
1434.cd51994Warren G. & Nate Dogg: Regulate
1435.cd1991Jody Watley: Affairs Of The Heart
1436.7"1991Webstrarna: Ladda Om
1437.12"1988Wee Papa Girl Rappers: Wee Rule (Ragamuffin Mix)
1438.cd1989Wee Papa Girl Rappers: The Beat, The Rhyme, The Noise
1439.cd1999Wee Papa Girl Rappers: Be Aware
1440.cd1999Weeping Willows: Endless Night
1441.cd1987Wendy and Lisa: Wendy and Lisa
1442.cd1989Wendy and Lisa: Fruit At The Bottom
1443.cd51988Wet Wet Wet: Temptation
1444.7"1989Wet Wet Wet: Sweet Sunshine
1445.7"1991Maiken Wexö: Vild i Varmen
1446.cd1998Whale: All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones
1447.cd1995White Zombie: Astro-Creep: 2000
1448.7"1988Jerry Williams: Did I Tell You
1449.cd51991Vanessa Williams: Save The Best For Last
1450.cd52000Wisdôme: Off The Wall
1451.7"1988Womack & Womack: Teardrops
1452.12"1990Womack & Womack: Uptown
1453.12"1987Yaka Dansé: Raft
1454.cd1986Gabriel Yared: Betty Blue 37.2 Le Matin
1455.cd1989Yazz: The Wanted Remixes
1456.cd51994Yazz: Have Mercy
1457.cd1986Yello: 1980 - 1985 The New Mix In One Go
1458.7"1988Yello: The Race
1459.12"1989YLO: The Yellow (Megamix)
1460.cd1992Yondo Sister: Sexy Soukouss
1461.cd51992Yothu Yindi: Treaty
1462.cd51991Young Disciples: Apparently Nothin'
1463.7"1988Zanga Zanga: Oh, Ciolili
1464.cd51991Frank Zappa: Bobby Brown
1465.cd1998Bertine Zetlitz: Morbid Latenight Show
1466.cd2001Bertine Zetlitz: Beautiful so far
1467.cd2003Bertine Zetlitz: Sweet injections
1468.cd2004Bertine Zetlitz: Rollerskating
1469.cd1992Zouk All Stars: Attention Danger
1470.cd1989Zouk Machine: Maldòn'
1471.cd1994Zouk Machine: Clin D'aeil
1472.cd1993Zzaj: 3
1473.cd51993Zzaj: Lev Nu
1474.cd1994Cajsa Stina Åkerström: Cajsa Stina
1475.cd1996Cajsa Stina Åkerström: Klädd för att gå

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